Octave Chanute Air Museum, Rantoul, Illinois

A packed outdoor airpark, vast, almost empty hangars, and long corridors with excellent display rooms. A fascinating mainly military museum on this ex USAF maintenance training base.

Several aircraft are in Thunderbirds livery, but only as a tribute to a base commander who had been a Thunderbirds commanding officer. The A-4A was likewise painted as the naval equivalent. None of them were ever in 'demonstration teams'.

Sadly, in 2015 the museum lost its financial support from the local community, and announced it would close by the end of the year. Since then several aircraft have moved elsewhere, but some have been scrapped in situ. Wikipedia has a good list of their fates.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aeronca 65 Super Chief N34496 Built in 1941.
Bell UH-1B Iroquois 61-0686 US Army
Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter 52-0898 USAF
Boeing XB-47 46-0066 '2278' 2nd prototype, and oldest surviving B-47.
Britt (Steen) Skybolt N48BB Built in 1991.
Cessna O-2A Super Skymaster 67-21411 USAF Vietnam veteran.
Octave Chanute 1896 Glider replica   A proper replica inside, and a statue at the museum entrance.
Convair YRB-58A Hustler 55-0666 '12059' USAF marked as 61-2059 Greased Lightning. Record breaking Tokyo-London flight (8028 miles in 8hrs 35min) in October 1963. Since moved to Castle Air Museum where I saw it again in 2019.
Curtiss JN-4D Jenny replica   US Army markings
Douglas A-4A Skyhawk 139947 "Lucy" US Navy Blue Angels 6 livery, but never flew with the Angels.
Douglas C-133A Cargomaster 56-2009 USAF
Douglas JRB-66B Destroyer 53-0412 BB-412 USAF. Modified nose for testing the Boeing Bomarc SAM radar and control system.
Douglas VC-47D Skytrain 43-49336 USAF
General Dynamics F-111A Aardvark 63-9767 NA USAF
Grumman HU-16B Albatross 51-7200 USAF
Lockheed C-130A-LM 55-0037 USAF
Lockheed GT-33A Shooting Star 52-9797 USAF
Lockheed WV-2 (EC-121K) Warning Star 141311 15 US Navy
McDonnell F-101B Voodoo 56-0273 USAF
McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle 71-0286 4 USAF
McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II 62-12201 OO USAF
Mong MS1 Sport N4253J Ralph Mong Jr's 1953 design. Around 200 built from plans. This one was built in 1993.
North American AGM-28 Hound Dog 20796 Supersonic nuclear-tipped air-launched cruise missile, originally designated B-77.
North American AT-6B Texan 41-17372 N96224 Displayed as USAF '42-805'
North American F-86A Sabre 47-0615 USAF - built in 1948 as a P-86A.
North American F-100C Super Sabre 54-1784 54784 USAF Thunderbirds livery, but was never used by them. Built in 1955, spent a month in Texas, and spent the rest of its life at Chanute.
North American F-100C Super Sabre 54-1785 54785 USAF Thunderbirds livery but was never used by them. Built in September 1955.
North American CT-39A Sabreliner 62-4494 USAF
North American TB-25N Mitchell 44-30635 '40654' USAF - has been at Chanute since 1955.
Northrop F-5B Freedom Fighter 63-8441 USAF. Marked as T-38 Talon 'Thunderbirds 1' but never used by them.
Piper PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer N8726C  
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak 51-9531 51531 USAF Thunderbirds livery, but never flew with them.
Republic YP-84A Thunderjet 45-59494 '488656' Pre-production aircraft displayed as a Thunderbirds F-84G, but was never in the team.
Republic F-105B Thunderchief 54-0104 40104 USAF Thunderbirds livery but never flew with them.
Republic F-105F Thunderchief 63-8287 RK USAF. Flew into Chanute in 1993.
Ryan NYP replica 'NX211'  
Vought A-7D Corsair II 69-6190 DM Built in 1970.
Wright 1903 Flyer replica