Old Rhinebeck Museum and Airshow, Rhinebeck, New York

We toured the museum, and took flights in one of the New Standard D-25s, the day before the airshow, and came back for the show itself - a very American version of a Shuttleworth show!

Old Rhinebeck was founded in 1959 by Cole Palen (1925-1993), and the first show was held in 1960. It has since become a national institution, with shows every weekend thoughout the Summer season.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aeromarine-Klemm AKL-26A N320N "Blotka 2". Aeromarine-Klemm was a US company. Made Klemm designs and developed its own versions such as this.
Aeronca C-3 N17447 Yes - it is black on the right and yellow on the left!
Albatros D.Va replica N12156 Built by Cole Palen and friends in 1975.
The Albatros and the Spad   Mock dogfight
American Champion 7GCBC N461BG Show visitor
American Champion 8KCAB N225AC Show visitor
American Eagle A129 N513H The A129, designed by Giuseppe Bellanca, was the most popular type produced by the American Eagle Aircraft Corporation started by Edward E Porterfield.
Avro 504K replica N4929 A Viv Bellamy machine, built in 1966 as G-ATXL and came to the USA in 1971.
Bleriot XI 'Cross Country' N99923 1911 original built by the American Aeroplane Supply House. Note the long range fuel tank under the forward fuselage.
Bleriot XI N60094 7 About one third of the 1909 original. "The oldest flying aircraft in the US, and the second oldest in the world."
Brunner-Winkle Bird CK N850W A Model C with a Kinner B-5 engine - designed for joy flights and used for many years at Old Rhinebeck.
Caudron G.III N3943P C.1077 It taxied, but the breeze was too strong for a flight
Curtiss JN-4H Jenny N3918 'US Navy A-6226' Restored from a wreck by Cole Palen. Hispano-Suisa 150hp engine
Curtiss Pusher Model D replica N68014 Replica built in 1976 with a 1911 Hall-Scott engine from the Smithsonian.
Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior NC605EB (N605EB) 1930s design originally called the Curtiss-Robinson CR-1 Skeeter. Around 270 built.
De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth N3529 'G-ACDB'. Ex PG647, F-BGDH.
Deperdussin racer replica N8448 Built by Cole Palen in 1974-5 from his studies of the original in Paris.
Dickson Primary N5666 The Cloudcraft Dixon Primary glider was a British design, first flown in 1930, designed to be built from plans. This seems to have been built in 1969.
Fairchild 24H N19129 Cole Palen gave this to his wife as a present.
Fleet Finch 16B (Finch II) NC666J (N666J) Built in 1941. Ex Royal Canadian Air Force 4498, NC39631 (N39631)
Fleet Finch 16B (Finch II) replica N9056L Built in 2000. Not owned by Old Rhinebeck.
Fokker D.VII replica N70814 The last plane that Cole Palen built that he saw fly. A very accurate replica with an original Mercedes engine.
Fokker Dr.1 Triplane replica N3221 Cole Palen built this in 1967.
Fokker Dr.1 Triplane replica N220TP  
Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 N707RM Built in 1976. 180 hp (134 kW) Lycoming IO-360 engine.
Great Lakes 2T-1MS N304Y 1930s model with a 125 hp Menasco Pirate engine. Stored in a wrecked trailer for 25 years. Cole Palen and frends restored it in the early 1970s.
Great Lakes 2T-1R NX306Y (N306Y) 200 hp Ranger 6-440-5 engine.
Hanriot replica N8449 Built by Cole Palen and friends in 1974.
Heath Parasol LNA-40 N5719 Clipped-wing version. I have no idea what "LNA" stands for.
Monocoupe 90 N429N 22 Took part in the 1933 Cleveland Air Races.
Morane Saulnier A-I (A-1) N1379M 11 A 1917 original fighter - a higher power version of the type N. Should be an A-I (letter I), but often known as A-One
Morane Saulnier MS.130 N7MS 1927 original trainer..
Morane Saulnier N replica N5356J Built by Cole Palen with an original MS A-1 fuselage that he obtained in 1981.
New Standard D-25 N176H Rugged four-passenger barnstormer. 45 were built from 1928. We flew in this over the Hudson River.
New Standard D-25 N19157 The sesquiplane layout gives great lift plus good views for the passengers.
Nicholas-Beazley NB-8G N576Y 58 built 1931-2. Cole Palen bought this safe and easy-to-fly parasol from the EAA Museum in 1982.
Nieuport II.N replica N3221 1912 racer replica built in the 1970's. Taxied but never flown.
Nieuport 10 (83E) N680CP 1915 original. Actually a model 83E trainer version of this sesquiplane designed by Gustave Delange.
Nieuport 24 bis replica N5246 3 1917 fighter. This replica was built in 1997.
Passat Ornithopter replica None The original apparently flew 450ft on Wimbledon Common. Replica made for "Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines".
Pigeon-Fraser Albree Scout None
Photo is rotated - aircraft is displayed inverted.
Revolutionary 1917 US monoplane fighting scout for the US Army, designed by George Albree. This 3rd and last airframe never flew and was bought by Cole Palen in 1981.
Piper PA-11 Cub N4568M Crazy-flying by the legendary Flying Farmer, Stanley Segalla
Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer N1502P Not part of the show
Pitcairn PA-6 Super Mailwing N15307 Built as a mail carrier, this must have been converted to a "Sport Mailplane" with the twin-passenger cockpit where the mail should be.
RAF SE5a replica None A "mock-up" built by volunteers at the Intrepid Museum in New York, donated to Old Rhinebeck in 2000.
Rinek Voisin 1909 N38933 Norvin E Rinek built this heavily modified Voisin in 1909 - steel tube construction, and he designed his own engine.
Ryan NYP replica N211XC Construction was started by Cole Palen in the 1970's. It taxied, and was planned to fly in 2008 but actually took to the sky on 5th December 2015.
Santos-Dumont XX Demoiselle replica None Alberto Santos-Dumont's 20th design. This replica was built by Cole Palen around 1957.
Short S-29 replica N4275 Cole Palen found an original 1910 ENV F engine and built this replica around it. Flew a few runway-lengths in the 70s.
Siemens-Schuckert D-III replica N1918G Built by Cole Palen in 1969. Taxied but never flown.
Sopwith Dolphin replica N47166 Built by Cole Palen and friends in 1977. Made an "unscheduled landing in trees" in 1990 and may be rebuilt.
SPAD VII replica N8096L 2 S-245 "Vieux Charles". Built by Carl Swanson, bought for Old Rhinebeck in 1999. Powered by a Lycoming.
Spartan C-3-165 N285M Around 122 of these trainer and barnstorming aircraft were built, this one in 1929, restored in 1974 after 35 years stored.
Thomas Morse S4.B Scout N74W 43Z8 1917 original advanced trainer, the last B model of 100 built. Acquired by Old Rhinebeck in 1973.
Thomas Pusher Model E N4720G 1912 original 2-seater. Cole Palen was given the remains and rebuilt it, flying it extensively in the mid 60s.
Waco 10 (GXE) N940 1927 2 passenger design - Waco's most popular aircraft with 1,600 built.
Wright 1903 Flyer replica None Built in the 1970s, displayed at JFK airport terminal, then the Cradle of Aviation Museum for several years.
Wright EX 'Vin Fiz' replica N1911P Possibly built by Cole Palen