Technik Museum, Sinsheim, Germany, August 2005

A fun, fascinating museum for the whole family, with a superb variety of aircraft and lots of other stuff. The only place in the world where you can see two different supersonic airliners on the same roof!

As at the sister museum down the road at Speyer, there is a good-value hotel attached.

Aircraft Registration Thumbs Notes
Aero L-39ZO Albatros 28+27 Czech Air Force markings, ex East German Air Force 175 and German Air Force.
Antonov An-2T HA-ANB Russian Air Force 03 red. Ex Hungarian AF.
Bell (Dornier) UH-1D Iroquois 72+97 German Army
Boeing Vertol (VFW) H-21C Shawnee 83+17 German Army
Canadair CL-215 F-ZBBH 26 French Securite Civile
CASA 352L (Junkers Ju52) 'D-AQUI' Ex Spanish Air Force T.2B-209. In false Lufthansa markings.
CASA 352L (Junkers Ju52) 'D-2527' Ex Spanish Air Force T.2B-257. Ex D-CIAL. False Lufthansa markings.
CASA 352L (Junkers Ju52) 'RJ+NP' Ex Spanish Air Force T.2B-140 then N9012P. In false Luftwaffe markings.
CASA 2.111B (Heinkel He-111) '5J+GN' Ex Spanish Air Force B.21-82. In false Luftwaffe markings.
Cijan (Ikarus) Kurir 'PT+TP' Yugoslav-designed and built, inspired by the Fieseler Storch, but with a cantilever wing. Built in the late 1950's, it's a shame it's disguised as a Storch.
Concorde F-BVFB Air France's third example. Sold to the Museum for 1 Euro and flown to nearby Baden-Baden in 2003.
De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth D-EDON Ex RAF N6779, marked as DE623. Has "Scale 1:1" on the side, but apparently genuine.
De Havilland DH-104 Dove 7 D-IKER Ex G-ARUE and Irish Air Force 194.
De Havilland (FW Emmen) DH-112 Venom FB50 J-1603 Swiss Air Force
DFS SG38 Schulgleiter D-8182 SG = Edmund Schneider's factory at Grunau.
English Electric Canberra B2 99+36 Ex RAF WK130. German Air Force, officially a target tug, but actually involved in more interesting work as befits a cold war Canberra.
FFA C-3605 C-501 Swiss Air Force
Fiat G-91R/3 32+64 German Air Force
Focke-Wulf Fw190A-3 replica Red 10 German Air Force
Fokker EIII replica None German Air Force
Frebel F5 Aeolus D-EAPT Also known as the Himmelslaus (Flying flea).
Hispano Ha-1112 Buchon (Messerschmitt Bf109G) G-AWHS Ex Spanish Air Force C.4K-170. Was in the Battle of Britain film.
Hubner Eindecker None Dr. Hugo Hubner built a few planes between 1909 and 1912. This is one of his monoplanes, built in 1912.
Hubner Mucke None Dr Hubner had another go - this is his 1935 biplane.
Hunting Percival P-66 Pembroke C54 D-CAKE Ex German Air Force 54+02
Ilyushin Il-14P 0833 Bulgarian Air Transport livery. Ex Polish AF. Nice to be able to scramble to the cockpit.
Ilyushin Il-18E OK-PAI CSA - Ceskoslovenske Aerolinie.
Junkers Ju88A UH-4V German Air Force - recovered from a Swedish lake in 1986.
Kaiser Ka1 Rhonlaus D-8117 Wooden glider first flown in 1951. The V tail helps avoid damage from long grass.
Kamov Ka-26 CCCP-26001 D-HBAU Aeroflot livery
Kuffer KH92 D-HAKW A modified Rotorway 90 Executive.
Let L-13 Blanik D-8771 Metal glider. Over 3,000 built - the most common glider in the World. I've flown in one - very noisy!
Let (Zlin) Z-37A Cmelak Unknown A joint venture between Let Kunovice and Moravan (Zlin) - over 700 built.
Lockheed T-33A JD+397 1 German Air Force in Blue Angels blue. Ex USAF 58-0709
Lockheed (Messerschmitt) F-104G 22+49 German Air Force. First flew in 1964, retired to the Museum in 1986.
MBB BK117 mockup DRF4 Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht air ambulance markings.
MiG-23ML 20+27 German Air Force - ex East German AF 550.
Mignet HM14 Pou-du-Ciel D-EMIL  
Mil Mi-8T 94+18 German Air Force, ex East German AF 394.
Morane Saulnier MS-500 Criquet D-EMWF Fieseler Storch version produced in France from 1942 to 1965.
Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard FT454 Ex RAF FE821 and Royal Netherlands AF as B-164 and their Navy as 099.
PZL-Mielec Lim-2 (MiG-15bis) 1006 12 Polish Air Force
Raab Doppelraab IV D-5374 2-seat trainer - the instructor sits behind the pupil and stretches over their shoulders to grab the controls.
Scheibe Bergfalke II D-1619 Bergfalke = mountain hawk. Designed by Egon Scheibe, first flew in 1951.
Scheibe Bergfalke II D-8299 A development of the Akaflieg Munchen Mu13 - over 320 built.
Scheibe L-Spatz 55 D-9187 Single-seater bult from 1954 to '62. Spatz = sparrow, L = Leistung (performance).
Schleicher Ka-4 Rhonlerche II D-1876 Designed by Rudolf Kaiser and produced by Alexander Schleicher. First flew in 1955.
Schneider Grunau Baby IIB D-8055 Standard pre-war German trainer - around 6000 built from 1931 into the 1960's.
Sikorsky S-58C Choctaw D-HAUF Meravo markings. Originally a Sabena chopper OO-SHI, then Belgian Air Force B-11.
Start + Flug Hippie H-111 None 1974 ultralight glider also known as the Hanie Hippie. Around 35 were built.
Sukhoi Su-22M-4 25+20 798 German Air Force - ex East German AF 704.
Tupolev Tu-134A HA-LBH Made Malev's last commercial flight, in 1988.
Tupolev Tu-144 CCCP-77112 Aeroflot - arrived at the museum in 2000.
Unknown yellow V-tailed motorglider None Someone must know what this is - please tell me!
Vickers Viscount 708 F-BGNU Delivered to Air France in 1954, then Air Inter in 1963, now in a hybrid livery.
Zlin (Bucker) Z-381 Bestmann HB-USE Czech-built Bucker Bu181. Ex OK-DRB