Luftwaffe Museum, Gatow

RAF Gatow played a major role in the Berlin Airlift, but was closed in 1995, and half the runway is now a housing estate.

Most of the remainder is now the Luftwaffe Museum, officially named the Militar Historisches Museum, Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow. There are several hangars with the aircraft generally very well laid out, and a large outdoor collection.

Aircraft Operator Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aero L-29 Delfin East German Air Force 338  
Aero L-39V Albatros East German Air Force 170 Ex Luftwaffe 28+48.
Antonov An-26SM Luftwaffe 52+09 Ex East German AF 369.
Avro 504K replica RAF 'E3349'  
Bell (Dornier) UH-1D Iroquois Bundesgrenzschutz (German Border Patrol) D-HATE Ex Luftwaffe 70+33.
Bell (Dornier) UH-1D Iroquois Luftwaffe 71+42  
Breguet 1150 Atlantic German Navy 61+17  
Bristol 171 Sycamore Mk52 Luftwaffe 78+04 Ex UC-326
Bucker (Hagglund & Soner) Sk25 (Bu-181B-1) Bestmann Luftwaffe 'NF+IR' Ex Swedish AF 25107, D-EGUF.
Canadair CL-13B Sabre 6 Luftwaffe D-9542 Ex JB-103, 01-10.
Cessna T-37B Tweet USAF 65-10824 EN  
Dassault Mirage IIIE French Air Force 587 13-QL  
Dassault Super Mystere B2 French Air Force 72 10-SA  
Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet A Luftwaffe 41+50  
De Havilland Canada DHC1 Chipmunk T10 RAF WG466 Was used at Gatow for many years for reconnaissance of East Berlin.
DFS 230-A replica Luftwaffe 'KA-1-52'  
Dornier Do-27A-4 Luftwaffe 57+38 Storage hangar
Dornier Do-28D-2 Skyservant German Navy 59+20 Storage hangar
Douglas C-47B Dakota (DC-3) Australian Air Force A65-69 Ex 43-49866, VH-CUZ, RAF ZD215.
English Electric Canberra B2 Luftwaffe 99+35 Ex RAF WK138, YA-153, D-9567, 00+03.
English Electric Lightning F2A RAF XN730 J Ex 8496M
Fairey Gannet AS4 German Navy 'UA-106' Actually UA-110, ex XG849
Fiat G-91R/3 Luftwaffe 32+31 Storage hangar. Ex KD-490, DG-301, MR-301, MA-301.
Fiat G-91R/3 Luftwaffe 32+72 Ex KD-532, XA-113, YA-018.
Fiat G-91R/3 Luftwaffe 99+12 Ex KD-544, DG-324, MA-324, BD-260, 32+84, Condor Flug target tug D-9608.
Fokker Dr-1 replica Luftwaffe '152-17'  
Fokker E-III Eindecker replica Luftwaffe '603-15'  
Fouga (Heinkel) CM-170R Magister Luftwaffe AA-014  
Gloster Meteor NF-11 French Air Force 14-BV Storage hangar. Ex WM368
Grunau SG-38   'D-4037' BGA3662. A composite with the wings of Slingsby T38 Grasshopper TX1 WZ765 and parts of WZ829.
Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6 Royal Navy WV865  
Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR1 RAF XV278 Some say this a P.1127 Kestrel - it's an intermediate version.
HFB HFB-320-ECM Hansa Jet Luftwaffe 16+26 Ex D-CANU
Ilyushin Il-28B East German Air Force 208 Fresh out of the restoration hangar.
Junkers J-9 (D-1) replica Luftwaffe    
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star Luftwaffe '94+55' Apparently ex USAF 53-5781, 94-56 in false marks.
Lockheed F-104F Starfighter Luftwaffe 29+06 30 trainers were built for Germany. Ex 59-5002, BB-368.
Lockheed (MBB) F-104G Starfighter Luftwaffe 26+49  
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter Luftwaffe 20+37 Ex KF-120, DA-248, DD-233.
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter ZELL Luftwaffe DB-127 Zero Length Launch system - successful but abandoned due to high costs. Ex DA-102, originally tested at Edwards.
Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter Luftwaffe 27+90 Ex KF-220, EB-373.
MBB Bo-105C German Army 98+20 Ex D-9596
MBB Bo-105M German Army Unmarked  
McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom II Luftwaffe 38+34 Ex 72-1244
McDonnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II Luftwaffe 35+62 Ex 69-7509
Messerschmitt Bf-108B Taifun Luftwaffe DF+DE Crashed in lake in Rugen Island, Baltic, in 1944. Wreck recovered in 2009.
Messerschmitt Me-163B-1a Komet Luftwaffe 191904 Ex Yellow 25, RAF 8480M
MiG-15UTI East German Air Force 163  
MiG-17 East German Air Force 346 Storage hangar.
MiG-21F-13 East German Air Force 645  
MiG-21MF East German Air Force 686 Storage hangar.
MiG-21PF East German Air Force 950  
MiG-23BN Luftwaffe 20+51 Ex East German AF 710
MiG-23ML Luftwaffe 20+13 Ex East German AF 333
MiG-23UB Luftwaffe 20+63 Ex East German AF 105
MiG-29G Luftwaffe 29+03 Ex East German AF 615
Mil Mi-8S Luftwaffe 93+51 Ex East German AF 914
Mil Mi-8T East German Air Force 927 Luftwaffe 93+14
Mil Mi-24D East German Air Force '5211' Actually 521
Mil Mi-24P Luftwaffe 96+43 Ex East German AF 387
North American (CCF) T-6J Harvard Mk4 Luftwaffe AA-615 4 Ex USAF 52-8544, D-FABU.
North American (Fiat) F-86K Sabre Luftwaffe 'JD-249' Ex 54-4881. Luftwaffe i/d not known, but current mark is false.
North American Rockwell OV-10B Bronco Luftwaffe 99+33 Ex US Marines 158309, D-9562.
Panavia Tornado IDS Luftwaffe 44+68  
Percival (Hunting) P-66 Pembroke C54 Luftwaffe AS-558 Ex 54-07. Was wearing false XA-109 code, perhaps now in correct marks.
Piaggio FWP-149D Luftwaffe 90+78 Storage hangar. D-EFLG
Piper L-18C Super Cub (PA-18-95) Luftwaffe AS-525 Ex AC-525, NL-118, 96+20.
Putzer Elster B Luftwaffe 97+03 Storage hangar. D-ECFM
PZL-Mielec Lim-5 (MiG-17F) East German Air Force 905  
PZL-Mielec Lim-5P (MiG-17PF) East German Air Force 615  
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash Luftwaffe EB-344 Ex 52-7346, EB-244.
Rumpler Taube replica      
Schneider Grunau Baby IIb Luftwaffe 'WL-VII-21' Ex D-1979, in false marks.
Siemens-Schuckert DIII (DIV) replica Luftwaffe   The museum's plate says this is a DIII, but the equal chord wings, N centre strut angles, and tailskid fin make me think it's a DIV.
Sikorsky H-34G.II (S-58A) German Army 80+34  
Sud SE-3130 Alouette II German Army 7603 Storage hangar
Sukhoi Su-22M4 East German Air Force 613 Luftwaffe 25+11
Sukhoi Su-22M4 East German Air Force 798 Luftwaffe 25+44
Sukhoi Su-22UM3K Luftwaffe 25+52 Ex East German AF-112
Transall C-160D Luftwaffe 50+56  
Vertol (VFW) H-21C Shawnee (44) German Army 8308  
Wright Flyer replica      
Yakovlev Yak-11 East German Air Force 225  
Yakovlev Yak-18A East German Air Force 25 Storage hangar

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