US Army Aviation Museum, Ft Rucker, Alabama

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aeronca L-16A (7BCM) Champ 47-924 LH-924  
Bell AH-1G Cobra 66-15246  
Bell AH-1S Cobra 68-17109  
Bell AH-1S Cobra 70-16072  
Bell GUH-1D Iroquois 63-12972  
Bell OH-1D Iroquois 60-6030  
Bell OH-13C (47D) Sioux 48-845  
Bell OH-13E (47D-1) Sioux 51-14218  
Bell OH-58C Kiowa 70-16734  
Bell OH-58D (I) Kiowa Warrior 0-00581  
Bell UH-1H Iroquois 63-8781 At the main gate
Bell UH-1H Iroquois 66-16325 134 In Daleville, just outside Fort Rucker's entrance.
Bleriot XI replica    
Boeing BV-347 65-7992 Stretched fuselage, four-blade rotors, tilt-wing, retractable ventral control cabin and undercarriage, successfully tested from 1970-72.
Boeing CH-47A Chinook 60-3451  
Boeing YMQ-18A A-160 Hummingbird 015 Autonomous UAV project plagued by crashes and cancelled in 2012.
Cessna O-1A (L-19A) Bird Dog 50-1327  
Cessna T-37B Tweet 56-3466 '56-3465'  
Curtiss 1C (JN-4D) Jenny N5162 '18-2780 525'  
De Havilland Canada U-1A (DHC-3) Otter 57-6135  
De Havilland Canada YC-7A (DHC-4) Caribou 57-3080  
De Havilland Canada YU-6A (YL-20A DHC-2) Beaver 51-6263  
Fokker E.V (D.VIII) replica '143-18'  
Grumman OV-1B Mohawk 62-5860  
Hiller OH-23A (UH-12A) Raven 51-3975  
Hughes OH-6A Cayuse 68-17340 C-16 Miss Clawd IV
Hughes TH-55A Osage 67-16795  
Lockheed AP-2E Neptune 131485 The Burbank Boomerang - SIGINT version for Vietnam war
Nieuport 28C-1 '17-6531' N5246, ex G-BSKS WW1 survivor exported to the US Army soon after the war. Mystery: Old Rhinebeck's Nieuport 24 replica also carries the registration N5246.
North American T-39A Sabreliner 61-0685  
Piasecki CH-21C Shawnee 56-2040  
Piasecki H-25A Army Mule (Retreiver) 51-16616  
Piper J-3C-65 Cub '40-0003' 3  
Piper L-4B (J-3C-65) Cub 43-515  
Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c replica '1780'  
Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a replica 'F8010' Scarlet Lady
Ryan U-18B (L-17B) Navion A 48-1046 N555U  
Ryan XV-5B Vertifan 62-4506 N705NA NASA
Sikorsky CH-37B Mojave (S-56) 55-0644  
Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe (S-64A) 68-18438  
Sikorsky H-5G (S-51) Dragonfly 48-0558  
Sikorsky R-4B Hoverfly 1 43-46592  
Sikorsky R-5D (S-51) Dragonfly 43-46645  
Sikorsky R-6A Hoverfly II 43-45473 N5282N  
Sikorsky UH-60L DAP Black Hawk 90-26288 Razors Edge. DAP = Direct Action Penetrator - heavily armed special operations version.
Sikorsky VH-34B Choctaw (S-58A) 56-4320  
Sikorsky VH-60A (VH-60N) White Hawk 23594  
Sopwith F.1 Camel replica 'B6291 4'  
Taylorcraft L-2A DCO-65 Grasshopper 42-35872 N47652  
Wright Flyer Model B replica    

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