Gianni Caproni Museum of Aeronautics, Trento Airport, Italy

Gianni Caproni founded his museum in 1927. It moved to Trento Airport in 1992. Several rarites here, but my personal highlight, the SM-79, was crowded out, making good photos impossible, particularly as the viewing gallery was closed at the time of our visit.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Ansaldo A1 Balilla 16552 One of only two survivors - the other is at Bergamo - see my Miscellaneous page.
Ansaldo SVA-5 MM11777  
Ansaldo SVA-5 simulator "MM11215"  
Avia FL-3 I-AIAE 1938 2-seat tourer and trainer design by Francis Lombardi. 336 were built up to 1948
Breda 19 MM.70019 as I-ABCT 1928 aerobatic plane used by the air force's High Aerobatics Unit, marked as the mount of Lieutenant Andrea Zotti.
Bucker Bu131 Jungmann A-45 Swiss Air Force
Caproni Bristol-Coanda   Fuselage built in England in 1912 - the oldest Bristol airframe surviving.
Caproni Ca-6   1911 original - the museum's oldest aircraft.
Caproni Ca-9   1911 original inspired by the Bleriot XI.
Caproni Ca-100 Idro Caproncino MM56237 I-DISC Derived from the DH-60 Moth, which Caproni built under licence.
Caproni Ca-163 I-WEST 1938 one-off prototype of the Ca-164, of which around 300 were built and none survive.
Caproni Ca-193 I-POLO A one-off first flown in 1949.
Caproni Trento F-5 Palas I-FACT ex I-RAIA A one-off, designed by Stelio Frati, first flown in 1952.
Fokker D-VIII MM194 Sole survivor
Gabardini G-51 bis I-AXAQ 1925 trainer
Lockheed (Fiat) F-104G Starfighter MM6609 3-01 Italian Air Force
Macchi M-20 I-AABO S In the colours of an unregistered competition aircraft of 1924/25.
Macchi MB-308 I-ACSN ex MM53065  
North American T-6H Harvard Mk2M MM54142 RM-1 Italian Air Force
Saiman 202M 10 ex MM52163 I-BIOL PST-10 Italian Air Force - 1943 trainer and liaison aircraft.
Savoia-Marchetti SM-79 III Sparviero L-113 LR-AMC Lebanese Air Force

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