Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleissheim, Munich, Germany

Flugwerft Oberschleissheim is a maintenance airfield set up by the Royal Bavarian Flying Corps between 1912 and 1919, one of Germany's oldest airfields. It's about 10 miles north of Munich.

The original hangar is now an exhibition hall, and another large hangar and restoration workshop has been added - making it a huge and fascinating museum. It is an extension of the Deutches Museum of Science and Technology in Munich. I have a separate page for that.

By the way, Akaflieg roughly translates as "college flying group".

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Akaflieg Braunschweig SB-13 Arcus D-1113 1988 flying-wing glider. Wing flutter caused problems but it flew up to 2000.
Akaflieg Hannover H1 Vampyr   1921 - very early, very successful glider - made a flight of over 3 hours in 1922. Cantilever warping wings - in the Restoration centre.
Akaflieg Karlsruhe AK1 D-KEUL 1974 motorglider
Akaflieg Munchen Mu10 Milan D-1001 First German two-seat high performance glider - in 1935 the first glider to cross the Alps.
Akaflieg Munchen Mu27 D-2827  
Akaflieg Stuttgart FS29 TF D-2929  
Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2T 03 Red  
Antonov (PZL-Mielec) An-2TD D-FWJM  
Bell (Dornier) UH-1D Iroquois D-HATU Operated at Schleissheim by the Federal Border Patrol, and used for drought relief in Ethiopia.
Bolkow Bo209 Monsun D-EFJL Airworthy
Bolkow Phoebus C D-2836 1957 composite glider
Braunschweig LF-1 Zaunkonig D-EBCQ Z15 ex D-YBAR, VX190, G-ALUA Zaunkonig = wren. 1943 second prototype
Bucker Bu181 B-1 Bestmann D-ECYV ex SL-AAS  
Canadair CL-13B Sabre 6 KE-105 German Air Force development aircraft, used as chase plane for VJ-101 testing.
CASA 2.111B (Heinkel He111 H-16) B2I-77 64-15 Spanish Air Force
Cessna 195 N3480V  
DFS Olympia-Meise D-1469 4 D-1469 Olympia-Meise = Titmouse. 1938 design
DFS SG38 Schulgleiter   DFS = Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fur Segelflug, German Institute for Glider Research
Dittmar Condor IV D-8802 1952 - one of the last gull-wing gliders
Dornier Aerodyne E1   1967 VTOL UAV concept by Dr. Alexander Lippisch.
Dornier Do24 T-3 HD5-3 Spanish Air Force
Dornier Do31 E-3 D-9531 E-3 was the only prototype fitted with all 10 engines (2x Pegasus, 8x RB162) so the only one to achieve VTOL. E-1 is at the Dornier museum, Friedrichshafen.
Douglas C-47B Skytrain (DC-3) 14+01, ex 43-49728, KK209 German Air Force
Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon DA-1 98+29 First prototype, retired in 2005
Fairchild 24W-46 NC8155 N8155  
Fauvel AV-36 CR D-8273  
Fiat G-91R/3 99+07 D-9603 German Air Force. Restoration workshop alongside the wings of Nord Pingouin D-IBFW whose fuselage was still in Munich
Fieseler Fi156C Storch D-EAWD EA+WD Airworthy composite of German fuselage and French wings. First flight in 2003
Focke-Wulf Fw44 J Stieglitz (ASJA Sk12) D-ECUX Stieglitz = goldfinch
Fokker D.VII   Fictional German markings - actually a Dutch machine.
Goppingen Go4 III D-6007 1937 design - side-by-side trainer commonly known as the Goevier (Go 4 in German).
Grade Monoplane replica   Germany's first successful powered aircraft - the original is in the Munich museum.
Grob G180 SPn D-CSPN Bizjet project now pretty much moribund
Grunau Baby IIb D-1065 Schneider's 1931 design - over 6000 were built - this one in 1944.
Hirth Hi27 Akrostar D-EMKB 32 The prototype Acrostar (as many people spell it) 9 were built in total.
Horten IV D-10-1451 High performance flying wing glider - 4 were built between 1941 and 43.
Hutter 17A D-8129 Zeiss Ikon markings. 1934 design for mountain flying - small and easy to build.
Kaiser Ka1 Rhonlaus D-3862 Rudolf Kaiser's first design - a V-tail plywood glider first flown in 1951. 10 were built.
Kamov Ka-26 D-HOAZ Ex Interflug
Lancair IV D-EJKB In 1995 Klaus Bauerle flew this plane to Antactica and back, returning to Oberschleissheim.
Lilienthal 1894 Normal-Segelapparat replica   Built in 1962 from memory by Paul Beylich, one of Otto Lilienthal's assistants.
Lockheed F-104F Starfighter 29+03 German Air Force
MBB-SIAT 223 Flamingo PFM D-EFWC A one-off fitted with a Porsche engine
McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II 67-0260 USAF
MiG-21 MF 687 East German Air Force
MiG-23 BN 701 Red East German Air Force. In the Restoration centre.
Mraz Kranich II D-6171 Kranich - Crane. Popular 1935 design - note the windows in the wing roots to improve the instructor's view.
Muller DDMH-22 D-EDMH DDMH = "double-decker Muller Herbert" built by Hubert Muller between 1977 and 1999. Made one flight (successful) before his wife banned more risky ventures!
Otto 1912 Biplane replica   Gustav Otto Flugmaschinenfabrik started in Munich in 1910. 63 of the 1912 biplanes were stationed in Schleisshiem between 1912 and 1914. This replica should be airworthy.
Panavia Tornado IDS 44+97 German Air Force
Putzer Motorrab D-EHOG Alfons Putzer's motorglider development of the Raab Doppelraab
PZL-Bielsko SZD-9 bis Bocian 1E D-8237 Bocian = stork. Polish glider first flown in 1952 - over 600 built.
PZL-Mielec SB Lim-2 (MiG-15 UTI) 003 Polish Air Force
Raab Doppelraab IV D-1220 Helped to popularise two-seat gliders in the 1950's and 60's.
Raab Krahe IV D-KORL Krahe = crow. Motorglider designed by Fritz Raab in 1957. About 50 homebuilts were made, but there was no series production.
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash EB+231 Restoration shop - German Air Force
Revolution Mini-500 D-HUBU Revolution Helicopter Corp Inc (RHCI) sold over 500 kits, of which at least 100 have been completed. There were problems...
Rochelt Musculair II   Broke records for human-powered flight in 1985.
Rockwell-MBB (Boeing-EADS) X-31A 164585 SD-031 Thrust-vectoring research aircraft (Note the 3 paddles round the exhaust). Two were built, the first flying in 1990, crashing in 1995. This second aircraft continued until 2003.
Rueter UL-1 Arco D-MXRM Adolf Reuter's homebuilt first flew in 1985.
Scheibe Mu13E Bergfalke I D-1085 Bergfalke = mountain hawk. Two-seat training glider derived from the Akaflieg Munchen Mu13.
Schleicher KA-6BR Rhonsegler D-9099 Rhonsegler = Rhein sailor. A Rudolf Kaiser design first flown in 1956. Over 1200 built.
Sikorsky H-34G.III (S-58A) 80+73 German Navy
Sud SE-3130 Alouette II 7584 German Army
Udet U-12 Flamingo replica D-EOSM D-1202 Airworthy replica first flew in 2004. Ernst Udet's U-12's first flight was at Schleissheim in 1925
VFW-Fokker VAK-191B D-9563 VTOL nuclear strike fighter with supersonic dash ability. Three were built, flying from 1970-75. This is the 1st prototype.
VFW-Fokker VFW-614 ATTAS D-ADAM Advanced Technologies Testing Aircraft System. The last 614 built, flown by the DLR from 1971 to 2012.
Vollmoeller 1910 monoplane   The Vollmoeller brothers of Stuttgart built a series of motorised aircraft. This is all that remains.
Waco YKS-6 NC16512 (N16512) Ex Alaskan floatplane, still airworthy
Wagner DOWA 81 Unregistered Built for a family of five to escape from East to West Germany in 1981, never flown.
Wolfmuller 1907 glider   Alois Wolfmuller built a series of gliders with mechanical controls (rather than weight-shifting).
Yakovlev Yak-50 DDR-WQV  
Zlin Z-37 Cmelak D-ESOZ Cmelak = bumblebee. Ex Interflug

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