Trento Airport, Italy including the Marangoni Collection

We made a private visit to the Marangoni Collection. The guys there were extremely firendly, and laid on a demo flights by their Yak-52 and their Vans RV8Crew pair.

The Blackshape Primes were there on a sales tour, and joined in the fun.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aeromere F-8L Falco III I-EMME Marangoni Collection
Blackshape BS 100 Prime D-MEUT Developed from the wooden Asso X Jewel via the composite Millennium Master.
Blackshape BS 100 Prime I-X037  
Caproni Ca-100 Caproncino replica I-CAMM Marangoni Collection
Caproni Ca-100 Caproncino replica I-CAMV Marangoni Collection
Diamond DA-42 Twin Star I-AMRL  
Diamond HK-36TTC Super Dimona I-RAFE  
Grob G-103 Twin Astir I-TAFA Being towed by Robin I-ITAE
Piper J-3C-65 Cub I-DODE Marangoni Collection - undergoing a deep restoration.
Piper L-4B Cub (J-3C-65D) HB-OBF  
Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub D-EBTN Marangoni Collection
Robin DR-400-180R I-ITAE  
Robinson R22 Beta II I-HEFR  
Robinson R22 Beta II I-MMAM  
Robinson R44 Raven II I-HOLI  
Robinson R44 Raven II I-MMBC  
Sequoia F-8L Falco I-SALE Marangoni Collection
Vans RV-8 I-EIGT 8 Marangoni Collection: RV8Crew
Vans RV-8 I-LUKE Marangoni Collection: RV8Crew
Vans RV-8 pair I-LUKE and I-EIGT RV8Crew
Vans RV-8 Unregistered Marangoni Collection: nearing completion
Yak-52 and Blackshape HA-ELE and D-MEUT  
Yakovlev Yak-52 HA-ELE 74 Marangoni Collection

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