Volandia Park and Aviation Museum, Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy

First opened in 2010, Volandia is housed in the former factory of the Caproni company at Vizzola Ticino. It is just a couple of hundred yards walk from Malpensa's Terminal 1 - easily accessible if you have the time to spare.

The collection is vast and varied, and the buildings include the old company chapel, filled with paintings of aviation scenes. With a shop, cafe and a restaurant, along with children's play facilities, and exhibits of Caproni's other activities such as cars and motorbikes, it would make a great day out.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aermacchi MB-308 I-FABR The first one, built in secret in 1946 and flew in '47. 182 built
Aermacchi MB-326 MM572 as MM571 Second prototype painted as the first, which first flew in 1957 and crashed in '59.
Aermacchi MB-339C I-AMDA C-model prototype, first flown in 1985.
Agusta A-104A Helicar I-AGUM Prototype designed by Emilio Bianchi. first flew in 1960. Abandoned when Agusta started AB-204 production.
Agusta A-109A Mk2 MM81172 GdiF-124 Guardia di Finanza
Agusta Bell AB-47G-3B-1 MM80483 CC-14 Carabinieri
Agusta Bell AB-47J Ranger MM80495 CC-19 as I-MINR Ex Carabinieri painted as the AGIP chopper that discovered the museum's SM-79 - see below.
Agusta Bell AB-204B MM80369 VF-31, ex I-VFMC Vigili del Fuoco - national Fire-Watching Corps.
Agusta Bell AB-206A-1 JetRanger MM80931 CC-53 as CC-46 Carabinieri
Agusta SH-3D Sea King (AS-61) MM5021N 6-20 Italian Navy
Agusta Westland AW-139 mockup   Used as a simulator
Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master mock-up   A faithful reproduction of the 1st prototype.
Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 SkySPARK I-9843 Restoration hangar. Electric motor, set a speed record in 2009. Was battery-powered, I don't know if fuel cell plans happened.
Ambrosini CVV-6 Canguro MM100002 as MM100006 Ex I-AECB, I-IULI. Designed at CVV Milan Polytechnic, first flown in 1941. 36 built - hold many records.
AMX International AMX MMX599 Fifth prototype first flew in 1986.
Aviamilano A-3 I-RAPP Open-class version of the A-2, a CVV Milan Polytechnic design first flown in 1964.
Avionautica Rio CVV-8 Bonaventura I-DURI CVV Milan Polytechnic design, first flew in 1957, 15 built.
Bell 47G-3B-1 I-TRIB ex N1130W  
Bell-Agusta BA-609 mock-up   Originally a Bell-Boeing project, Agusta replaced Boeing, then AgustaWestland replaced Bell so it's now the AW609.
Bleriot XI replica   A Mikael Carlsson machine with an original Gnome Omega rotary engine.
Boeing (Elicotteri Meridionali) CH-47C Chinook MM80840 EI-818 2006 livery for the 30th anniversary of Italian Army Aviation.
Caproni Ca-1   The oldest aircraft in Italy, first flown in 1910 from this very field.
Caproni Ca-18 231 6th production aircraft, built here and delivered in 1914.
Caproni Ca-113 I-MARY Sole survivor of this popular record-breaking aerobatic aircraft. The type first flew in 1931.
Caproni Vizzola C-22J I-CAVT The first C-22J first flew in 1980. This was the last of the three built, and the last aircraft to be built here.
Ciani SSVV Politecnico Milano EC40/62 Eventuale I-CNVR First flown in 1962, only two were built.
De Havilland (FFA) DH-100 Vampire FB6 6-8 ex J-1159 F-AZHJ Italian Air Force markings, actually ex-Swiss AF
Douglas C-47B Skytrain (DC-3) I-RAGF Ex 43-48983, KJ952, G-AMSR, CS-AZL and probably a lot more.
Fairchild Dornier 328JET Unregistered Uncompleted fuselage stranded in the factory when the programme was cancelled.
Fiat G-46-3A MM53101 Z-18 Italian Air Force
Gabardini Idro I-AXAC 1912 design, sole survivor.
Hughes (BredaNardi) NH-500MC (NH-369MC) MM81051 GdiF-93 Guardia di Finanza
Jodel D-9 Bebe Unknown Restoration hangar
Lockheed (Aermacchi) AL-60B-2 Santa Maria I-MACE Designed by Ed Mooney. Never produced by Lockheed. Aermacchi built around 100.
Macchi MC-202 Folgore replica "MM7431 I-365" Fibreglass full-size model
Macchi MC-205 Veltro replica "MM9327" Full-size model
Magni M-4 Eligiro   Vittorio Magni had built 3 Bensen autogyros before he designed his own M4, which appeared in 1972.
Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer I-4683 Introduced in 2000.
Magni M-24 Orion   Introduced in 2008, production starting in 2009.
MiG-15 15 white Restoration hangar. This may be ex Soviet Air Force.
Mignet HM-293 I-4906 1946 development of the Pou du Ciel (Flying Flea) designed for larger pilots.
Mooney M-20E Chaparral I-CCAA  
North American F-86K Sabre 54812 51-3 Italian Air Force
North American T-6H Texan MM54148 RM10 Italian Air Force
Piaggio P-166DL-3/ SEM1 MM25165 8-07 Italian Guardia Costiera (Coastguard)
Pitts S-1TGM Special I-PITT Built by Giorgio Marangoni
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak 53-6805 50-30 Italian Air Force
Savoia-Marchetti SM-79 Sparviero MM23843 as MM23881 Ex-Lebanon AF L-114 shown as MM23881, which crashed in Libya in 1941 and was discovered in 1960 by AB-47J I-MINR - see above.
SIAI-Marchetti S-211 I-SIJF 2nd prototype which first flew in 1981
SIAI-Marchetti S-211A I-SMTE USAF JPATS livery - the aircraft was a contender for the competition before turboprops won.
SIAI-Marchetti SF-260TP I-TURB Prototype of the TP variant, first flown in 1981
Stinson L-5 Sentinel 42-99119 ex I-AEEL USAF - built 1942

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