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European Museum of Fighter Aircraft, Montelimar
Montelimar Ancone Airport

European Museum of Fighter Aircraft, Montélimar

A big museum at Ancône, a quiet airport close to the centre of Montelimar, La Musée Européan de l'Aviation de Chasse has a good collection, and active restoration is in progress.

Aircraft Markings Thumbs Notes
Bleriot XI replica "G-BLXI" Uncertain about this - some sources say this was built in Britain in 1909 - possibly BAPC-132.
Breguet 1050 Alize 49 1959 2000 French Navy
Canadair CT-33 Silver Star 3 21121 314-UV French Air Force Ex 52-1113
Dassault Dornier Alpha Jet A 40+18 Luftwaffe
Dassault Etendard IVM 30 French Navy
Dassault Falcon 20C 86 F-ZACG CEV (Centre d'Essais en Vol) - France's military flight test centre
Dassault MD312 Flamant 172 319-DD French Air Force
Dassault Mirage F1C 37 30-FR French Air Force
Dassault Mirage F1CT 235 30-SK French Air Force
Dassault Mirage IIIA 09 11 French Air Force
Dassault Mirage IIIB 233 F-ZACJ CEV
Dassault Mirage IIIBS J-2001 Swiss Air Force
Dassault Mirage IIIC 55 10-RN French Air Force
Dassault Mirage IIIEX 467 13 French Air Force
Dassault Mirage IIIRS R-2103 Swiss Air Force
Dassault Mirage IIIS J-2304 Swiss Air Force - the first IIIS assembled in Switzerland
Dassault Mirage IVP 11 BD French Air Force
Dassault (SABCA) Mirage 5BA BA-53 Belgian Air Force - was used in Turkey during the Iraq war, hence the name "Diyarbakir Express"
Dassault Mirage 2000 04  
Dassault Mirage 2000B 516 5-OL French Air Force
Dassault Mystere IVA 186 12-UT French Air Force
Dassault Ouragan 214 UG Patrouille de France 1956 livery
Dassault Super Mystere B2 21 12-ZX French Air Force
De Havilland Vampire T11 M XD613 RAF - was based at Cosford
Douglas DC-3A N56NA Actually a C-53C, ex 43-2023, then with United Airlines as N19964, then N81R
Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas EC-GGB Was converted to a firebomber for Basaer in Spain
Fiat G91T-1 60-62 Built by Dornier for the Luftwaffe as 98+58, now in Italian Air Force livery
Fouga CM170 Magister 57 13-TD French Air Force
Fouga CM170 Magister 101 12-XL Patrouille de France 1964-71 livery
Fouga CM170 Magister 119 10-KF French Air Force
Fouga CM170 Magister 499 499-AF French Air Force Eagle livery
Gloster Meteor NF11 NF11-1 Ex WM296, F-ZABB and F-ZABH, used by the CEV for testing missile guidance heads.
Hawker Hunter F58 J-4067 67 RAF F6 XE554 diverted to the Swiss Air Force
Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star 14045 TR-045 French Air Force
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star 94+54 Luftwaffe Eagle livery. Ex 53-5778
Max Holste MH1521M Broussard 124 HF French Air Force
MiG-21US 281 East German Air Force
MiG-23MF 20+03 Ex East German Air Force, then Luftwaffe. Russian Air Force markings
Morane-Saulnier MS760 Paris IIR 116 ON Used by the CEV. French Air Force markings
PZL-Mielec Lim-5R (MiG-17) 1910 Polish Air Force
PZL-Mielec TS-11 Iskra 1221 Polish Air Force
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak FU-29  
Saab SK37E Viggen 37811 73-21 Swedish Air Force
Sepecat Jaguar A A157 7-HH French Air Force
Sepecat Jaguar E 28 7-P6 French Air Force In the restoration workshop
Socata TB-30 Epsilon 504 312-UX French Air Force
Stampe SV-4C F-BMRU  
Sud Caravelle III 116 CE Ex Finnair. Used by CEV for testing systems for Concorde and Airbus
Sud SA-318 Alouette II 152 67-01 French Air Force
Vought F-8E (FN) Crusader 4 French Navy
Wassmer WA-30 Bijave Unknown  

Montélimar Ancône Airport

We found a few interesting aircraft around other parts of the airfield.

Aircraft Markings Thumbs Notes
CH-7 Helicopters Heli-Sport CH-7 Kompress F-PACN  
DTA J-RO Optimum 26AEH  
Ekolot KR-030 Topaz ?  
Flylab Tucano 26ABM  
Gardan GY 80-160 F-BLPV  
Jodel D113T F-PQAM  
Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem 26AFL  
Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem 26YS  
Murphy Renegade II Spirit 26ADI  
Mooney M20K N80GY  
Pecou Sartre SPA-230 F-PCOU  
Piper PA-28-181 F-GCLV  
Piper PA-28-161 F-GHDM  
Reims Cessna 150 F-GFFO  
Reims Cessna 152 F-GBJM  
Socata MS880B Rallye Club F-BNXY  
Socata Rallye 235 F-GUFZ  
Zenith CH-701 26ADS  
Zenith CH-701 26AGC  

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