La Palma, Canary Islands, February 2015

Yes, I know that geographically it's Africa.... Mainly shot from our hotel balcony, overlooking the final approach - look out for the windsock, showing a severe crosswind.

Operator Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Air Berlin Airbus A320 D-ABNE  
Air Berlin Boeing 737-800/W D-ABKS  
Binter Canarias ATR-72-202 EC-GQF  
Binter Canarias ATR-72-202 EC-GRU  
Binter Canarias ATR-72-212A EC-IYC  
Binter Canarias (Naysa) ATR-72-212A EC-KGI  
Binter Canarias ATR-72-212A EC-KRY  
Binter Canarias (Naysa) ATR-72-212A EC-KYI  
Binter Canarias (Naysa) ATR-72-212A EC-LAD  
Binter Canarias ATR-72-212A EC-LFA  
Binter Canarias ATR-72-212A EC-LGF  
Binter Canarias ATR-72-500 EC-JEH  
Buena Vista Airport     The island's old airport, operating from 1955 to 1970. The runway, apron, terminal and control tower remain.
Canaryfly ATR-42-300 EC-LYZ  
Canaryfly ATR-72-202 EC-LZR  
Condor Boeing 757-300/W D-ABOA  
Condor Boeing 757-300/W D-ABOB  
Condor Boeing 757-300/W D-ABOE  
Condor Boeing 757-300/W D-ABOK  
Iberia Express Airbus A320 EC-LLE  
Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800/W G-TAWH  
Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800/W G-TAWP  
Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800/W G-TAWS En route to La Palma - closeup of the scimitar winglet