A variety of aircraft, mainly at airports, mainly around Europe taken between 2005 and 2013

This is a varied collection of photos. Some are fine, but some are shot through glass, slightly out of focus or over-magnified, or don't show a complete plane. Some folk might find them interesting...

Operator Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Location/notes Date
Aeroclub San Augustin Douglas DC-7C EC-BBT San Augustin (El Berriel) Airport, Gran Canaria - the last Seven Seas built. 28/2/2011
Aeroclube do Algarve Cessna 152 and SOCATA TB-9 Tampico CS-AYR and CS-DCD Faro Airport, Portugal 14/9/2006
Air Berlin Boeing 737-800/W & -700/W D-ABAE & D-ABBN Manchester Airport - just a glimpse of 'BN's Dreamliner livery. 15/8/2005
Air Cairo Airbus A320 SU-BPX Cairo International Airport 25/12/2008
Air China Boeing 767-300ER B-2496 Cairo International Airport 25/12/2008
Air France (Airlinair) ATR-72-200 F-GVZM Milan Malpensa Airport 27/10/2012
Air France (Airlinair) ATR-72-200 F-GVZN Milan Malpensa Airport 3/11/2012
Air Memphis Douglas DC-9-31 SU-PBO Ex US Airways N928VJ. The first is at Aswan, the others are at Abu Simbel Airport, Egypt. 18/12/2008
Air One (Alitalia) Airbus A320 EI-DSW Milan Malpensa Airport 3/11/2012
AlbaStar Boeing 737-400 EC-LNC Milan Malpensa Airport 3/11/2012
Alitalia Airbus A330-200 EI-EJI Milan Malpensa Airport 3/11/2012
Alitalia Express Embraer 170 EI-DFK Manchester Airport 31/7/2006
American Airlines Boeing 757-200 N193AN Manchester Airport 18/9/2007
Asiana Cargo Boeing 747-400F HL7420 Milan Malpensa Airport 3/11/2012
Rubens Barrichello Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy VP-CHP Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
Binter Canarias ATR-72-200 EC-KYI Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport 28/2/2011
bmi Airbus A320 G-MIDP Manchester Airport 8/8/2007
bmi Regional Embraer ERJ-145 G-RJXC Manchester Airport 8/8/2007
bmibaby Boeing 737-300 G-TOYC and G-ODSK Manchester Airport: two different liveries 8/8/2009
Bowland Forest Gliding Club Schleicher ASK-13 G-CJLO and G-DCRT Bowland Forest Gliding Club, Chipping, Lancashire 16/7/2013
Canaries Police Bell 412 EC-JFQ Over Maspalomas, Gran Canaria 22/2/2011
Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-300ER B-KPX Milan Malpensa Airport 27/10/2012
China Cargo Airlines Boeing 777F B-2078 Milan Malpensa Airport 3/11/2012
Club328 BAe 125-800B G-BYHM Pula Airport, Croatia 31/7/2006
Congo government Boeing 727-100 9Q-CMC Faro Airport, Portugal 21/8/2008
Croatia Airlines Airbus A320 9A-CTJ Manchester Airport 31/7/2006
Croatia Airlines Airbus A320 9A-CTK Pula Airport, Croatia 14/8/2006
CSA Airbus A321 OK-CED Faro Airport, Portugal 24/8/2008
Dubrovnik Airline McDonnell Douglas MD-83 9A-CDB Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
easyJet Airbus A319 G-EZAD Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
easyJet Airbus A319 G-EZBV London Gatwick Airport 17/9/2011
Egyptair Airbus A320 SU-GCB Cairo Airport 25/12/2008
Egyptair Airbus A330-200 SU-GCK Cairo Airport 25/12/2008
Egyptair Airbus A340-200 SU-GBN Cairo Airport 25/12/2008
Egyptair Boeing 737-500 SU-GBH Aswan Airport 18/12/2008
Egyptair Boeing 737-800/W SU-GDZ Manchester Airport 14/9/2013
Egyptair Boeing 777-200ER SU-GBS Cairo Airport 25/12/2008
Emirates Airbus A380 A6-EEB Manchester Airport 14/9/2013
EuroCypria Boeing 737-800/W 5B-DBR Manchester Airport 8/8/2007
EuroMediterranean Boeing 757-200 SU-BPY Cairo Airport 25/12/2008
Faro Airport OGMA D5 (Beagle Husky) CS-ANB Faro Airport, Portugal 14/9/2006
First Choice Airlines Airbus A320 G-OOAR Faro Airport, Portugal 21/8/2008
First Choice Airlines Boeing 757-200/W G-OOBB London Gatwick Airport 17/9/2011
Flybe Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 G-JECT Manchester Airport 18/9/2007
Flybe Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 G-JEDP Manchester Airport - Eco livery. 14/9/2013
Flybe Embraer 175STD cabin G-FBJB Milan Malpensa Airport on our flight back to Manchester. 3/11/2012
Flybe Embraer 175STD G-FBJH La Rochelle Airport, France. Our ride to Manchester. 14/9/2013
Flyglobespan Boeing 737-600 G-CDKT Faro Airport, Portugal 24/8/2008
Flyglobespan Boeing 737-800/W G-SAAW Faro Airport, Portugal 14/9/2006
Gulf Air Airbus A330-200 A9C-KB F1 Grand Prix livery, over Kew Gardens, on London Heathrow approach 22/6/2008
Iceland Frozen Foods Cessna 550 Citation Bravo VP-CED Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
International Jet Club Gulfstream GV-SP VP-BLR Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
Islas Airways ATR-72-200 EC-JCD Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport 25/2/2011
Jet2 Boeing 737-300   Faro Airport - thrust reverser in action 14/9/2006
Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELK Blackpool Airport 21/8/2008
Lindstrand Aeroplatforms Lindstrand LTL 203T HiFlyer G-CFCU Tethered helium sightseeing balloon on the sea front at Torquay, Devon 6/6/2009
Livingston Airbus A320 EI-EWO Milan Malpensa Airport 3/11/2012
Lotus Air Airbus A320 SU-LBH Abu Simbel Airport, Egypt 18/12/2008
M&R Aviation Beech King Air G-GBMR Faro Airport, Portugal 21/8/2008
Magic Horizon Cameron hot air balloon SU-262 Over Luxor, Egypt 27/12/2008
Manx2 (Van Air Europe) Let 410 UVP-E OK-UBA Blackpool Airport 21/8/2008
Monarch Airlines Airbus A321 G-OZBE Faro Airport, Portugal 21/8/2008
Monarch Airlines Airbus A321 G-OZBL Fuerteventura Airport. Our ride back to Manchester. 27/2/2013
Monarch Airlines Airbus A321 cabin G-OZBP Lamezia Terme Airport, Italy: our return flight to Gatwick. 17/9/2011
Monarch Airlines Boeing 757-200 G-MONE Manchester Airport 8/8/2007
Monarch Airlines Boeing 767-300ER G-DIMB Manchester Airport 8/8/2007
NetJets Boeing 737-700 BBJ N127QS Faro Airport, Portugal 21/8/2008
NetJets Dassault Falcon 2000 CS-DNR Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
Nippon Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-400F JA05KZ Milan Malpensa Airport 27/10/2012
Olympic Airlines Airbus A340-300 SX-DFB Over Kew Gardens, on London Heathrow approach 22/6/2008
Olympic Airlines Bombardier Dash-8-100 SX-BIR Rhodes International Diagoras Airport, Greece 22/8/2007
Poste Italiane (Mistral Air) Boeing 737-400 EI-ELZ Lamezia Terme Airport, Italy 17/9/2011
Private Cessna 182 EC-JOJ Maspalomas, Gran Canaria banner towing 22/2/2011
Private Cessna U206F Stationair floatplane SU-FRA Luxor, Egypt 28/12/2008
Private Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II G-BSDN Manchester Airport 15/8/2005
Protezione Civile Canadair CL-415 I-DPCH 25 Lamezia Terme Airport, Italy 17/9/2011
RAF Supermarine Spitfire replica "W3644 J-QV" Fairhaven Lake, Lamcashire 18/8/2012
RAF Westland Sea King HAR.3 XZ589 Bridlington, East Yorkshire 11/3/2007
RAF Westland Sea King HAR.3 XZ597 Alnwick, Northumberland 3/9/2005
Ryanair Boeing 737-800/W EI-DCI Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport 28/2/2011
Safra Comercio e Servicosa Dassault Falcon 900 PT-OEX Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
Silver Bird Charterflug Learjet 60 D-CGEO London Gatwick Airport - Bono's plane. 17/9/2011
Sovereign Air Learjet 45 G-SOVB Manchester Airport 3/10/2007
Sun Air Dornier 328-300 JET OY-NCP Faro Airport, Portugal 18/9/2006
TAP Airbus A320 CS-TNJ Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330-200 G-OJMC Manchester Airport 8/8/2007
Thomsonfly Boeing 737-300 G-THOL Faro Airport, Portugal 24/8/2008
Thomsonfly Boeing 737-800/W G-FDZB Faro Airport, Portugal 26/8/2008
Transavia Boeing 737-800/W PH-HZL Faro Airport, Portugal 18/9/2006
Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 TC-JRN Milan Malpensa Airport 27/10/2012
Tyrolean Air Ambulance Cessna 560 OE-GAA Pula Airport, Croatia 14/8/2006
Viking Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 SE-RDF Rhodes International Diagoras Airport, Greece 22/8/2007
Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-600 G-VEIL Over Kew Gardens, on London Heathrow approach 22/6/2008
Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-600 G-VGAS Over Kew Gardens, on London Heathrow approach 22/6/2008
VLM Airlines Fokker 50 OO-VLT Manchester Airport 18/9/2007