EAA AirVenture 2010, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh

Douglas DC-3s (and C-47s, R4Ds etc)

The show celebrated the 75th anniversary of the DC-3 with a big meeting, including the mass arrival of 21 examples on the Monday.

I don't normally quote construction numbers, but I'm doing it for this page as they are the best way of identifying the aircraft.

Reg'n C/N Thumbs Notes
    Arrival formation
C-GDAK X 2141 Canadian AF 'KN563'. Ex NC21729 (N21729). Never military but now with Canadian Warplane Heritage.
C-GPNR 2 13333 Buffalo Airways. Ex 42-93423 and RAF/Canadian AF KG602.
N1XP 4733 "Duggy" - the Duggy Foundation. Ex 41-38630, CF-DOT.
N28AA 2239 Candler Field Express. Ex NC25666 (N25666) of Braniff and Trans Texas Airways, then Eastern Express as N139PB.
N33VW C-C8 20401 USAAF '320401'. Ex 43-15935 then VH-BHC, G-ALFO, N300A, N94529, N770E. Now with the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.
N34 33359 US FAA. Ex 44-77027, US Navy R4D-7 99856.
NC43XX (N43XX) 11665 Thunderbird Flying Service. Ex 42-68738, N66W, N353MM.
N44V 4545 Piedmont Airlines. Ex 41-38596, N15585, N1916
N47E 0-30665 13816 USAF 43-30665
N47SJ CD 14424 25869 USAAF 43-48608
N59NA B-3J 9043 USAAF 42-32817. Been around a bit including RAF FD789, BEA, Silver City, BUA and Aces High G-AKNB, Union of Burma Airways XY-ACN.
N99FS X95 12425 USAAF as '42-42187 Jungle Skippers'. Actually 42-92606, then RAF KG395, C-GZCR.
N103NA 9531 Flabob Express. Ex 42-23669
N143D 2054 Herpa Wings. Swissair from 10/38 to 3/55 as HB-IRO, then Fleetwings N2817D and Ozark as N143D.
N150D 41-18401 4463 USAAF then French Air Force as 118401, and stayed in France as F-BCBB.
N734H 4727 Ex 41-18602, N1821M, N134A, N134H.
N1944H 17111 34378 Era Classic Airlines. Ex 45-1108, N54542, N80M.
N2805J 20835 USAAF. Ex 43-16369, 0-31639. Marked as 43-49770 EN
N3006 42961 The "Esther Mae". Ex NC3000 (N3000)
N3239T V-Z8 19054 USAAF "Tico Belle" 42-100591, then Norwegian AF 100591, Danish AF K-684.
N8704 16300 33048 USAF "Yankee Doodle Dandy" of the Yankee Air Museum. Ex 44-76716.
NC17334 (N17334) 1920 American Airlines (Flagship Detroit Foundation). The world's oldest flying DC-3, delivered 3/1937.
N18121 1997 Eastern Air Lines. The world's highest-time DC-3. In 2015 had clocked over 91,500 hours.
N25641 9059 Legend Airways. Ex 42-32833.
NC33644 (N33644) 4123 Western Air Lines. Delivered with this reg to United in 1941, allocated 41-7701, possibly not taken up - it was with Western in '42.
N87745 T9 6315 USAAF '41-6531'. Actually ex 43-1975, NC30083 (N30083), N41N, N2989.
N92578 9028 USAF. Ex 42-32802, N13875, N75C.

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