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At Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Photos taken on the day before AirVenture 2010, on 25/7/2010.

Many of the museum's aircraft are based next door at Pioneer Airport - see my separate page. There are further photos of several of these planes in my Oshkosh 2011 pages.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Antares MA-30   This was flown to the summit of Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America, in 1993.
Bates Tractor Monoplane   A 1911 design.
Bede BD-5 N500BD Fibreglass prototype, designed as a powered glider, flown in 1971. Later models were metal.
Boeing-Hughes Super Stearman N5051V Joe Hughes' upgrade of a basic Stearman, 1977.
Brock KB-2 Gyroplane N2303 First US coast-to-coast autogyro flight in 1971.
Bryan-Harris HP-18 N96326 Homebuilt glider
Bucker Bu-133L Jungmeister N515 Once owned by Count Aresti, this was used by long-time aerobatic champion Mike Murphy.
Bugatti 100   Such a shame this never flew, but a flying replica is being built... See my Oshkosh 2011 pages for the replica's progress
Cessna CG-2 186V Clyde Cessna's son Eldon decided that gliders could be sold during the great depression. This was the result.
Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair N6667 A low-hours machine built late 1945. Markings of 1st Corsair ace, Kenneth Walsh.
Chester Special Racer - Jeep N12930 Won the National Air Races in 1933.
Church Midwing JC-1 N9167 1928-designed kit, restored in the 1960's.
Cirrus VK-30 N33VK 1st design from Jeff Viken and Alan Klapmeier who formed Cirrus Design in the 1980's.
Corben Baby Ace N9050C The build of this by Paul Poberezny and his team was documented in Mechanix Illustrated in 1955.
Corben-Lambert Baby Ace D floatplane N9017C Built in the early 1960s by Stafford "Casey" Lambert, assisted by Paul Poberezny.
Crosby CR-4 NX92Y (N92Y) 1938 plane unofficially faster than the Howard Hughes racer.
Culver PQ-14B N999ML Optionally-piloted target drone known by the US Navy as the TD2C.
Curtiss A-1 Pusher N24034 "Sweetheart" built in 1912, restored and flown in the 1960's.
Curtiss JN4D Jenny    
Curtiss P6-E Hawk replica NX606PE (N606PE)  
Davis D-1-W NC13546 (N13546) Modified Vulcan V-3, several were built in the early 1930's.
De Havilland DH98 Mosquito B35 N35MK RS712  
De Havilland DHC-1 Super Chipmunk N1114V One of Art Scholl's Chippies - the other is in the NASM Udvar-Hazy centre.
Douglas DC-3 N7772 223835 Basler are based at Wittman Airport, and Warren Basler donated this in 1990.
EAA Acro Sport P-8 N1AC Designed by Paul Poberezny, and built by EAA Aviation Museum staff.
EAA Biplane A-1 (P-2) N6077V Forerunner of the Acro Sport, first flown in 1960.
Edge 540 N540KC  
Fairchild FC-2W2 NC3569 (N3569) Built in 1927, the oldest Fairchild in existance, ex American Airways.
Fokker Dr. I Triplane replica N105RF Built in 1964
Grumman Columbia J2F-6 Duck N1196N Late model, saw operations in WW2
Harlow PJC-2 N3947B

One of eleven designed by Max Harlow, and built by students of Pasadena Jr College

Hegy RCH-I El Chuparosa N9360 Hummingbird homebuilt first flown in 1959
Herron-Keech Little Wing LW-5 N100MK Andy Keech in his "Woodstock" autogyro broke US trans-continental flight records in 2003
Howard-Poberezny Pete III Little Audrey N111PL (N27B) Fuselage comes from the Howard DGA-3 Pete racer
Laird Super Solution replica NR12048 (N12048) Jimmy Doolittle's 1930's racer - replica built in 1974
LeVier W-5 Cosmic Wind N99CW "Mr Robinson", homebuilt largely by Billy Robinson - a very low-time example
Lincoln PT-K N275N The 1930-built Page Trainer was flown by the EAA for several years from 1972
Lockheed P-38L Lightning N3800L Painted as "Marge", Richard Bong's plane
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star 51-8627 On loan from the USAF
Lockwood Aircam N5084T The first one built, designed for wildlife photography in Africa
Loving-Wayne WR-1 Love Racer N351C Neal Loving lost both legs in WW2, but designed, built and flew this.
Miller-Bohannan JM-2 Special N189BB Designed by Jim Miller, "Pushy Galore" was flown to many speed and climb records by Bruce Bohannon.
Monnett Moni prototype N107MX Powered sailplane built in 1981.
Monocoupe-Velie 113 NC7808 (N7808) In 1928 Monocoupe was bought by engine maker Velie. This is the 1st example.
Niebauer Lancer 200 Lancair 200 N384L Lance Niebauer's prototype - the 1st of a long line.
Nieuport 11 replica N2001 Built by Arthur Huntley, and donated to the EAA in 2004.
Northrop F-89J Scorpion 32536 Designed to attack bombers from below with Genie missiles. On loan from the USAF.
North American NA-50 P-64 N84 Redesigned export fighter version of the AT-6.
North American XP-51 Mustang NX51NA (N51NA) 4th prototype, acquired from the Smithsonian.
Pietenpol Air Camper N12937 The oldest Air Camper, this was built in 1933 by Bernard Pietenpol himself
Piper J3C-65 Cub NC3403K (N3403K) 1946 example, lovingly restored in the 1990's.
Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro NC11609 (N11609) "Miss Champion" flew in the 1931 Ford National Air Tour, restored by Steve Pitcairn.
Pitts S-2 Special N22Q Curtis Pitts' 2-seater prototype, first flown in 1966.
Pitts-Friends of Curtis S-1 Replica NX528 (N528) Built in 6 months for Curtis' 75th birthday celebration.
Poberezny P-5 Pober Sport N51G A one-off built in 1959.
Poberezny P-9 Pober Pixie N9PH Designed for fuel economy, first flown in 1974
Roloff-Unger RLU-1 Breezy N59Y Charley Roloff, Carl Unger, and Bob Liposky designed & built this prototype in 1964.
Rotorway Scorpion 1 N6165 Sheldon Mortenson built this kit and donated it to the museum in 1981.
Rotorway Executive N3WN Walter Nits built this over 2 years.
Rutan 68 AMSOIL Racer N301LS Danny Mortenson asked Burt Rutan to design this. It crashed at Reno in 1983.
Rutan SpaceShipOne replica N328KF Built by Scaled Composites & EAA staff so accurately, this replica is called SS1 #2
Rutan Varieze N7EZ Intended as a research prototype, demonstrations at Oshkosh in 1975 encouraged Burt to offer modified plans - they sold well!
Rutan VariViggen N27VV Prototype, built in Burt's garage, flown in 1972.
Ryan NYP replica 'N-X-211' (N211) Built by the EAA in 1977, this flew 1300 hours before retiring in 1988
Ryan STA Super Sport N17349 Converted from Guatemalan STM parts (with machine guns).
Sikorsky S-38 replica 'NC6V' (N6V) Built as an exhibit, the cabin is a little cinema
Spartan C3-225 NC718N (N718N) Bought new by the Haliburton company in 1930, restored in 2004
Stinson SM-8A Junior N408Y A 1930 design, it toured with the EAA Ryan NYP replica before retirement in 1992.
Stits babies  
Stits DS-1 Baby Bird N4453H Ray Stits' son, Don, built this to beat his father's record. Made 35 flights starting in 1984.
Stits SA-2A Sky Baby N5K Ray Stits and Robert Starr built this as the smallest aircraft in the world. It flew in 1952. Now owned by the Smithsonian and loaned to the EAA.
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair N88TH Tom Hamilton's "Ham2" prototype.
Supermarine Spitfire IX N8R MJ772 1943 WW2 veteran, this was converted to a 2-seater for the Irish Air Corps, and converted back in 1980.
Taylor Aerocar Model 1 N4994P (N31214) The prototype. I have photos of other Aerocars at the Museum of Flight and Golden Wings Museum in my US Tour 2007 pages, and in my Oshkosh 2011 pages.
Taylorcraft BF-50 Clipped-wing N21292 Duane Cole's display plane
Thorp T-18 N455DT Don Taylor built the special T-18 "Victoria", to be the 1st homebuilt to fly round the world. He did it in 1976.
Vans RV-3 N17RV Richard Van Grunsven's prototype, first appearing in 1972.
Waco Primary Glider replica 809V 1930 design. Replica constructed by EAA staff.
Wittman D-12 Bonzo N13688 Steve Wittman's 1934 racer.
Wittman DFA Little Bonzo N1292 1948 design - winning racer and display plane.
Wright 1903 Flyer replica   A 10-year project completed in 1978.

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