EAA Pioneer Airport, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh

The grass strip was buzzing with Bell 47 pleasure flights, and the hangars are packed with a wonderful collection of the EAA Museum's mostly flyable aircraft.

The bright sunshine through open hangar doors and gloom of the interior often made photography tricky - I did my best!

There are more photos of several of these aircraft in my Oshkosh pages for other years.

Reg'n Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aeronca C-2N Deluxe Scout NC13089 (N13089) As a seaplane, this set several altitude, speed and distance records in the 1930's
Aeronca C-3 Master N16291 1931 2-seater with an enclosed cockpit
Aeronca K NC19723 (N19723) In 1937, Aeronca was building three of these per day
Aeronca LC NC17484 (N17484) 1936 design
Barlow Acapella 100 N455CB At KidVenture. Apparently based on the BD-5
Bell 47G N2490B The EAA's Bell - I flew in it here in 2014.
Bell 47G N666SM Privately owned
Bell 47G N984B Privately owned
Cessna 150H N23107 This plane led the EAA's efforts to get car fuel approved for aviation
Curtiss-Wright B-2 Robin NC50H (N50H) Rebuilt by the EAA and painted in its 1935 livery
De Havilland DH-82C Tiger Moth N667EA (CF-IVO) One of the earliest aircraft in the EAA collection, donated in 1964
Driggers 1-A N891H Homebuilt in 1930 by Willard Driggers, a Pitcairn draftsman
Ercoupe 415-C NC28961 (N28961) 6,000 had been built when production ended in 1941
Fairchild 24 C-8 NC13191 (N13191) Built by Krieder-Reisner Aircraft in 1932
Fairchild 24H NC16902 (N16902) A 1937 Deluxe model
Ford Flivver replica 268 A non-flier because of engine problems, this was built by an EAA chapter in 1991
Funk B NC24116 (N24116) Used a Ford car engine
Great Lakes 2T-1A Sport Trainer N77RF A 1928 design, this was built in 1933 and rebuilt in 1986
Jurca Campbell-Knipshild MJ-5 Sirocco N8038E Built in 1980.
Kreider-Reisner KR-21B NC954V (N954V) Sole survivor of the five model B's built, this was built in 1930
Meyers OTW-145 N34357 The "Out-To-Win" was designed as a military trainer. This was the last of 102 built, completed in 1944
Mignet ME2Y HM20 Pou du Ciel N43993 Built by Henri Mignet himself in 1937, redesigned and rebuilt by Frank Easton in 1946
Monocoupe 110 Clipwing Special N15E A difficult racer to fly, every one crashed. This was the last one built, in 1949
Nicholas-Beazley Pobjoy Special replica N6119G Built in 1998 by Bill Turner, this should have been a flying replica of this one-off 1930 racer, but engine problems...
North American B-25H Mitchell N10V 43-4432 Built in 1943, converted to executive transport in the 50's, and re-converted by the EAA in 1985
Pheasant H-10 NC151N (N151N) Steve Wittman was Pheasant's test pilot. This was built in 1929. Three of the 41 built survive
Pietenpol Air Camper N7533U Built in 1966
Pitcairn PA-39 Autogiro N3908 BW830 (BW-830) Seven of these were built for Britain, for convoy protection, and only this one survives
Pitcairn PA-7S Sport Mailwing NC95W (N95W) After its postal career finished, this was based in Hollywood and carried many celebrities
Prescott - Wisman Pusher N55PP  
Rearwin 6000M Speedster N20741 1932 design, around 14 were built
Rider R-5 Elmendorf Special NX264Y (N264Y) Built by Keith Rider in 1936, "Jackrabbit" was initially raced by Dave Elmendorf, then by Marcoux-Bromberg
Ryan NYP flying replica 'N-X-211' (N211) Built in 1991 as a flying replacement for the one in the museum
Ryan SCW-145 NC17372 (N17372) 1937 prototype of the Sport Cabin - Warner engine. Restored in 1975
Schweizer SGS 2-33A N2668H  
Spartan 7W Executive NC13993 (N13993) 2nd of 34 built, this 1937 example is the only one with a stick instead of a control wheel
Standard J-1 N6948 One of six survivors of 1600 built. 1917 design
Swallow OX-5 N4028 Matty Laird designed it in 1920, and Lloyd Stearman refined this 1927 model. Restored in 2004.
Taylor E-2 Cub N15045 Taylor Aircraft made 351 of these before production transferred to Piper in 1937
Vans RV-6A N6YE Kit-built by the EAA in 1997 for the Young Eagles programme
Waco 10 ATO Taperwing NC5814 (N5814) (N86J) The oldest surviving Taperwing, built in 1928
Waco ARE NC20953 (N20953) Photography aircraft used by the New York paper the Daily News, delivered in 1939, restored in 2003
Waco RNF NC140Y (N140Y) Around 150 RNF's were built, this one in 1937, and over 40 survive.
Waco UEC NC12472 (N12472) 1932 model, restored in 2007
Wag-Aero (Brugioni) CUBy N1933J Designed by Dick Wagner as a homebuilt J-3 Cub. Paul Poberezny was the first to build one.
Wittman Buttercup Model W N18268 1938 design with variable-camber wings. Steve's testbed for 50 years
Wittman Hardly Ableson replica   1995 replica of Wittman's first attempt, created in 1923 while he was still at high school. Named because it was hardy able to fly - it managed a few hops
Wittman Tailwind W-8C N5747N Built in 1953, remarkable for simple construction and superb performance
Wittman Witts V N3259 Low-cost Formula V racer powered by a VW engine.

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