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This page is for users of AirNav RadarBox to download the latest updates to the logos, outlines and photographic "silhouettes" that are posted on the RadarBox forum.

The zip files contain the latest versions of all the files posted on the forum that are additional to or replace those issued with RadarBox versions 3.13 (2D) and 4.03 (3D) or later versions. Because of forum file size restrictions, these large zip files cannot be hosted there.

I recommend that you right-click the buttons and choose Save Link As... or Save Target As...

All new logos as of 11/7/2018 (7,306 logos, around 12Mb). Note that there may be fewer logos than before as we are deleting old ones.
All new outlines as of 19/2/2015 (1428 outlines, over 8Mb).
All new silhouettes as of 21/5/2018 (1,012 silhouettes).
NOTE - these are not the standard black-on-blue silhouettes as provided in RadarBox - they are photographic ones done as an alternative mainly by me. You can download all the standard silhouettes from the link below.



The standard silhouettes as supplied with the software, plus additional ones from the forum up to 6/1/2010 (628 files).

The standard RadarBox flags have been updated slightly, and new ones added. Also, the file which allocates the flags to the relevant aircraft (D008.dat), has been updated to match. Thanks to RadarBox user Tarbat for his work on these. This zip contains the full collection of flags and the latest D008.dat. Extract the flags (currently 277 of them) into the Data/Flags folder, and the D008.dat file into the Data folder. File updated on 17/3/2014.

Extract the files into the appropriate folders as shown here. There will often be replacement items, so it is generally best to choose the Replace option where there are filename clashes.

These files are the collected works of all the contributors to the AirNav forum threads. They include all the logos, outlines and silhouettes published on the forum up to the date shown.

They should not be posted elsewhere or offered for sale or as part of any other package without the permission of the original authors. They are provided "as is" with no guarantee as to their suitability or accuracy. AirNav Systems have no connection with, or responsibility for the material provided here.