Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Steven F Udvar-Hazy Centre, Washington Dulles Airport, Chantilly, Virginia

Page 1: Aircraft types A - L

I visited this museum in 2007 - click here to see those photos. There have been quite a few additions, including the Restoration Centre, so I've included them on this page plus some extra photos of aircraft I photographed before where there are different views.

I have divided the photos into two pages Click here for Page 2.

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Aeronca C-2 Collegian NX626N (N626N)  
Aerospatiale BAE Concorde F-BVFA Air France
Aichi M6A1 Seiran 47 1600228 Japanese Navy
Arado Ar234B-2 Blitz 'FI+GS' T2-1010 (FE-2010) German AF
Arlington 1A Sisu N1100Z  
Arrow Sport A2-60 G-AARO NC9325 (N9325)  
Baldwin Red Devil    
Bede BD-5B N234BD  
Beech D18S N522B  
Beech 35 Bonanza N80040  
Beech King Air 65-90 N275DP  
Bell Model 30 NX41867 (N41867)  
Bell 47B N116B  
Bell 47J (VH-13J) 57-2729  
Bell 206 LongRanger N3911Z 'Spirit of Texas' has moved from the Washington Mall museum.
Bell AH-1F Cobra 67-15508  
Bell UH-1H Iroquois 65-10126 'Smoky III'
Bell XV-15 N703NA  
Bellanca CF NR11036 (N11036)  
Benoist Type XII (Korn)    
Bensen B-8M Gyrocopter N2588B  
Boeing 307 Stratoliner NC19903 (N19903) Clipper Flying Cloud - Pan American Airways System
Boeing 367-80 N70700  
Boeing FB-5 Hawk A7114 6F4  
Boeing P-26A Peashooter 33-135  
Boeing Stearman N2S-5 Kaydet 61064  
Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight 153369 MQ-400  
Bowlus BA-100 Baby Albatross NX18979 (N18979)  
Bowlus-DuPont 1-S-2100 Senior Albatross G13763 (N13763)  
Bucker Bu133C Jungmeister N15696  
CASA 352L (Junkers Ju52-3M) D-ADLH  
Caudron G4 2170  
Cessna 152 Aerobat N7557L  
Cessna O-1A Bird Dog 51-1963 Mobile Miss
Chotia JC-24C Weedhopper C    
Cosmos Phase II C-IEQU  
Curtiss JN-4D Jenny 4983 Just as it was when the museum acquired it in 1918.
Curtiss N-9H floatplane 2558  
Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk A9056  
Curtiss P-40E Warhawk '194'  
Curtiss SB2C-5 Helldiver 83479 208  
Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior NC10965 (N10965)  
Dassault Falcon 20C N8FE Wendy
De Havilland Canada DHC-1A Chipmunk Pennzoil Special N13Y  
Eipper-Formance Cumulus 10    
Fleet 2 NC8689 (N8689)  
Focke-Achgelis Fa 330A-1 Bachstelze T2-4618 (FE4618) German Navy - Bachstelze = wagtail
Focke-Wulf Fw190F-8-R1 White 7 T2-117 (FE-117) German AF
Fowler-Gage Tractor    
Frankfort TG-1A (Cinema II, Corcoran Model B) N53601  
Fulton Airphibian FA-3-101 N74154  
Goodyear Airship Pilgrim gondola    
Goodyear C-49 Columbia IV Control Car    
Grob 102 Standard Astir III N17999  
Grumman F6F-3K Hellcat 41834 37  
Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat N1111L  
Grumman A-6E Intruder 154167  
Grumman F-14D(R) Tomcat 159610 NK-105  
Grumman G-164A Super Ag-Cat N332Y  
Gyrodyne QH-50C DASH DS-1289 Rebuilt to flying condition by the Gyrodyne Foundation in 2011, it carries the sole example of the Mk57 Nuclear Depth Bomb.
Halberstadt CLIV 8103-18 German AF
Hawker Hurricane MkIIC LF686 RAF
Heinkel He219A-2 Uhu 290202 GI+KQ T2-614 (FE-614) German AF
Hiller VZ-1 Model 1031-A-1 Flying Platform    
Hiller XHOE-1 (YH-32) Hornet 138652  
Hiller YROE-1 Rotorcycle 4022  
Horten Ho229 V3 (Gotha Go229) T2-490 (FE-490) In the Restoration Centre, the German flying-wing jet fighter prototype.
Horten HoIIIf T2-5039 (FE-5039) Three Horten flying-wing sailplanes. The FE- codes were allocated by the USAF for captured Foreign Equipment. They were taken over by the T2 Intelligence unit.
Horten HoIIIh LA+AI T2-5041 (FE-5041)
Horten VI-V2 T2-5040 (FE-5040)
Huff-Daland Duster Unknown  
Kaman K-225 (XHTK-1) 125477  
Kawanishi N1K2-Ja Shiden Kai 'George' A343-35 T2-305 (FE-305) Japanese Navy
Kawasaki Ki-45 Kai Hei (Mod. C) Type 2 Toryu 4268 T2-701 (FE-701) Japanese AF
Kreider-Reisner C-4C Challenger (Fairchild KR-34C) N30M North Penn Airways
Kyushu J7W1 Shinden T2-326 (FE-326) Japanese Navy
Langley Aerodrome A    
Lear Jet 23 N802L  
Lippisch DM-1 None Darmstadt Munchen model 1. Development glider for the projected P13 supersonic successor to the Me163.
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star 53-5226  
Lockheed P-38J-10-LO Lightning 42-67762  
Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation 54-0177 N1104W  
Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird 61-7972  
Lockheed Martin X-35B 301 (PAV-1)  
Loening OA-1A 26-0431 3 'San Francisco' One of 5 Loenings that took part in a 22,000 mile, 133 day tour around South America in 1926-27.
Loudenslager Laser 200 (Stephens Akro) N10LL  
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