Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, Delaware

A great museum with exceptionally friendly, helpful staff who were only too happy to open up any closed aircraft that we wanted to explore, except the Provider!

Aircraft Reg'n Thumbs Notes
Antonov An-2 03 Yellow Russian AF markings. Ex Aeroflot CCCP-32632/RA-32632.
Beech C-45G Expeditor 51-11795 Originally AT-11 42-37174, rebuilt as '795. Ex N7950C of Air America and now on loan from the Marines.
Bell UH-1H Iroquois 69-15475 as UH-1N 21512  
Boeing DB-17P Flying Fortress 44-83624 Sleepy Time Gal. Used for many years in flying bomb and drone development.
Boeing KC-97L Stratotanker 53-0230  
Boeing KC-135E 57-1507  
Boeing Stearman A75N1 PT-17 Kaydet '41-21741' A composite airframe
Cessna T-37B Tweet 56-3576 Gate guard
Cessna 310 U-3A Blue Canoe 58-2126 Ex N5022Z
Control tower cab   The cab of the old Dover AFB control tower, operational from 1956 to 2009, is preserved on a new base.
Convair C-131D Samaritan 55-0295 Ex N8460H
Convair QF-106A Delta Dart 59-0023  
De Havilland Canada C-7A (DHC-4A) Caribou 63-9760 KA-760 Vietnam veteran, also used by the Army's Golden Knights parachute team.
Douglas A-26C Invader 44-35523  
Douglas C-9A Nightingale 67-22584 The first C-9A delivered to the AMC.
Douglas VC-9C (DC-9-32) 73-1682 The 2nd of 3 VC-9s, this served as Air Force One for presidents Reagan, Clinton, and the Bushes. Many First Ladies flew in it, including Michelle Obama. The 1st is at Castle Air Museum.
Douglas C-47A Skytrain 42-92841 Q9-R Turf Sport Special. Veteran of the WW2 Arnhem drop in 1944
Douglas C-54M Skymaster 44-9030 The sole surviving M variant, used for coal hauling in the Berlin Airlift.
Douglas C-124A Globemaster II 49-0258 Oldest surviving C-124.
Douglas C-133B Cargomaster 59-0536 Being repainted, with all windows masked with blue tape.
Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar N3559 (NR3559) as 0-12881 Ex Canadian AF 22118 and Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Greybull, as Tanker 137.
Fairchild UC-123K Provider 54-0658 WM-658 Vietnam Ranch Hand defoliation aircraft - after extensive cleansing, the interior is still too contaminated for public access.
Kaman HH-43F Huskie 62-4532  
Laister-Kauffman TG-4A 42-53078 Ex N58175 (NC58175).
Lockheed L-1049E Super Constellation N1005C as C-121C '40161' Ex Cubana CU-P573, Seaboard & Western Airlines, Capitol Airways, then a restaurant cocktail lounge at Penndel, Pennsylvania
Lockheed C-5A Galaxy 69-0014 The only C-5 in a museum.
Lockheed C-60A Lodestar 42-55918 Ex N315F
Lockheed C-130E Hercules 69-6580  
Lockheed C-141 Starlifters    
Lockheed C-141B Starlifter 64-0626  
Lockheed NC-141A Starlifter 61-2775 The very first Starlifter built, and one of 2 remaining A models, this once towed a glider (testing a new tow rope with a QF-106).
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star 52-9497  
McDonnell F-101B Voodoo 59-0428  
Vultee BT-13 Valiant 42-1639  
Waco CG-4A Hadrian fuselage 45-15009 Left wing is half width for convenience - right wing is stored.

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